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The FSSPak Story

Freightship Services was established in 1998 and has always aimed to offer the highest & professional standard of services to valued clients in Pakistan as well as overseas. We offer a wide range to meet the necessity of shipping, customs clearance and logistic services for importers & exporters.

Living in an era of information & technology, Freightship Services is well-equipped to face new challenges and avail new opportunities. This is the era where success is measured not only by performance but also by the ability to create value for customers in a fast-changing and increasingly interconnected global business environment.

We are committed to providing superb quality and excellent service in every aspect of shipping, customs clearance & logistic needs. We have the most modern facilities, a computerized environment and excellent relationships with sea, air, rail, road & inland carriers. We give personalized service at competitive & most economical costs, which is our key success point.

We have made marvelous progress during the last many years. This continues the best performance to ensure that we are “on track” to become Pakistan’s best freight company. No matter the struggle, we remain focused on our primary mission of providing safe, reliable, efficient transportation & cost-effectiveness.