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Sea Freight

Sea freight is by far the most prevalent method of international transportation. Approximately 90% of all commodities are moved by sea across the world. It is more cost-effective and ecologically friendly than other methods of product delivery, but only if huge amounts are being transported or the target country is far away.

After careful analysis of the task requirements, we provide the finest tailor-made solution for your sea freight. We have the in-depth expertise to develop the optimum solution for the customer, whether it is an export or import container.

Air Freight

We provide dependable and trouble-free air freight services with customizable delivery times and service options. Our air freight service assures that your cargo reaches any continent, nation, or city at the lowest possible cost, utilizing the most reputable carrier and taking care of all necessary transit. We monitor, track, and offer status updates at each stage of the transfer using our worldwide monitoring system, providing you with total visibility and peace of mind.

Air freight is an excellent choice for scheduling time-sensitive shipments to practically any location on the planet. This may be especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses since it allows them to engage in international trade in a timely and efficient manner. Shipping by air also provides a high level of security since airport cargo restrictions are strictly enforced.

Custom Clearance

We provide custom clearing services for all types of products, whether by airfreight, sea freight or road consignment from all major borders, airports and sea ports of Pakistan to worldwide destinations. We can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently by taking advantage of the latest customs release initiatives and reviewing your product to make sure they comply with specific regulations. 

Our main objective is for your products to always arrive on time and in good order, allowing you to concentrate on your business challenges. Our experienced team guides you in securing and organizing all the necessary documentation for customs filings to process and final customs brokerage entries more quickly and accurately.


We provide a broad variety of warehousing and distribution services in Pakistan’s main cities. We provide these services for both short-term and long-term demands, giving you the benefit of flexibility in how you manage your shipping and storage operations.

Our warehouse and distribution operations strive for better service, lower costs, and superior efficiency. To reduce the danger of burglary or fire damage, our warehouses are protected and equipped with alarms and sprinklers. They are also conveniently accessible and well-equipped to handle massive quantities.


We also provide consolidation, which is the capacity to combine multiple small shipments into full container cargo for cost-effective and efficient transportation. The service’s collective cost-sharing component successfully delivers less than container load shipments at the cost of full container load moving.

This service provides our clients with the option of drastically reducing the logistic costs of lesser-volume shipments by transferring them through our consolidation service. Instead of waiting for a full container load, this alternative drastically cuts costs and assures timely deliveries.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain services are provided across several industries, including expertise, knowledge, and resources in the form of individuals and supply chain tools. Our expertise includes complex analysis, design, engineering, and consulting. Our infrastructure, visibility, and enhanced customer service capabilities enable businesses to concentrate on their core skills. Finally, our logistics solution focuses on reducing or eliminating capital expenses linked with your facilities.

Our supply chain management operations are built on a strategy of continual improvement. Our team works closely with you to discover opportunities to eliminate process faults and enhance product quality in order to make your supply chain more functional and lucrative.

Project Logistics

Project Logistics is a broad term that refers to the national or international movement of large and valuable items of equipment. To ensure flawless delivery from the production site to the installation site, project logistics needs precise preparation and a focused approach. We take pleasure in supplying innovative solutions for your project handling needs, thanks to a team that is experienced in processing project cargoes. Of course, this is unachievable without the ongoing cooperation of our primary carriers.

You can be assured that your cargo is in excellent hands with us since we operate in absolute honesty. Because of our network’s global reach, your cargo will be under our supervision and in accordance with our stringent quality and compliance regulations from start to finish.